Saturday, January 3, 2009

Robert Marve Getting Pimp-smacked by the U

Robert Marve lost his starting QB job to Jacory Harris. Harris was the more efficient QB this season for the Hurricanes. Marve decided to transfer from Miami after coming to the conclusion that he can't play for Coach Shannon. Then I come across this article on Yahoo! Sports website.

Yes, block an athlete from going to certain schools is really that serious, at least to the University of Miami, more specifically Randy Shannon. The U is scared that Robert Marve might come back to haunt them. NCAA has awful in rule in place that allows a university or college to block possible destinations from student athletes. Randy Shannon is just enforcing that rule as much as possible by blocking 27 destinations from Marve. The University of Miami has lifted some of those restrictions. Marve can transfer to any SEC school except LSU, Tennessee, and Florida. Marve is still prohibited from transferring to schools in the Atlantic Coast Conference and within the state of Florida. Good job lifting some of those bans because it makes a difference. Miami believes Marve may have been contact with some of the universities in the ACC and SEC about possibly transferring to one of those destinations. Uh, prove it.

Where is the U's cockiness? Where is the swagger? Gone. Hasn't returned since they won their last championship. They scared of Marve. Why would Shannon be scared of Marve? He did bench him, no? Marve is really good athlete and has a strong arm, but no accuracy and spotty decision-making.

Good luck to Robert Marve. I'm sure he'll land on his feet. He is too talented not to do so.

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