Monday, January 5, 2009

NFL News

There are many topics to discuss in the NFL. There have been many firings so teams are trying to line up candidates for interviews. Players' futures with teams will need to be decided.

Lets start with Rex Ryan and his desires to be a head coach. After the Ravens defense pummeled an average offense, Ryan felt the need to announce to the world that he is ready to become coach. Here is what he had to say:

"The numbers say I've done a decent job," Ryan said. "If a team wants to stop somebody, all you have to do is look at my track record. If we don't get them stopped in the first year, it will probably be the first time we don't get them stopped in my career, going back through college, whatever. . . . I'll get my time, and whoever gets me will get a guy who is a real football coach and not a pretender."
Wow! Ryan is feeling a little frisky. Yes, we get it. You are a good defensive coordinator as is Leslie Frazier but you don't hear him running his mouth. Even though the Vikings were bounced out of the playoffs by the Eagles, you still haven't heard him talking about his desires to coach. Rex Ryan is a really good defensive coordinator. Lets give him props for that. However, why talk about your coaching during your team's playoff run? You can sell yourself as much as you want after the season is over. I guess he couldn't wait that long. If he does leave for the Broncos, Jets, or Browns, the Ravens will probably promote from within, or maybe John Harbaugh has someone in mind as his replacement. Hey Rex, focus on Tennessee!

Bob Stoops can be ruled as a possible head coach for the Denver Broncos. The Broncos have many candidates at their list such as Steve Spagnuolo, Raheem Morris, Josh McDaniels, Jason Garrett, Rick Dennison, Leslie Frazier, and Jim Schwartz. Out of that list, I like Steve Spagnuolo, Leslie Frazier, and Jim Schwartz as candidates. Maybe Josh McDaniels. As for the rest, I don't think they're ready. It looks as though the Broncos want a defensive minded individual as their head coach.

The New England Patriots are planning to franchise tag Matt Cassell. I can understand the sense of security that Matt Cassell brings given the injury of Tom Brady. I can understand idea of franchising Cassell will keep him away from the Jets and possibly the 49ers and Vikings. They'll probably trade him after franchising him. The Vikings seem like a good match, I think. The Patriots probably won't make a trade the Jets for obvious reasons. Things are clouded for the 49ers at the QB position with Alex Smith, Shaun Hill, and JT O'Sullivan. I think the Vikings and Patriots can come up with a match.

Marvin Harrison is mum on his future with the Colts. He didn't have a good season. The future Hall of Famer hasn't been the same since injury his knee a few years ago. When the reporters asked him about his future, he chose not to comment. I think he'll return, but retirement isn't out of the question. The Colts need to get another receiver to compliment Reggie Wayne. Wayne isn't getting any younger either. Hakeem Nicks would be a nice fit for the Colts.

Looks like Bill Parcells is returning to Miami next year. Well, H. Wayne Huizenga thinks Parcells is returning after having a conversation with him.

Brad Childress has been noncommittal about Tavaris Jackson's future. Tavaris Jackson has the support of two of his teammates:

"I think he had [a] resilient season," tight end Visanthe Shiancoe said. "I feel like that's our man."

Said wide receiver Bernard Berrian: "You start where you left off. You can't just throw a guy out. He finished very strong. He took the benching well, showed a lot of character, came back and had some really great games. That just shows the coaching staff and the rest of the players that we have faith in Tarvaris."

Matt Birk and Gus Ferrotte are pondering their futures.

Yuck, the Jets have contacted Brian Billick. Why in the world would you want Brian Billick to be your head coach? Do you want to hear him give one of his famous post game speeches to the media? The Jets should pass on this candidate. Avoid him like the plague.

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