Sunday, January 4, 2009

Non-BCS Conference Team Wins Again

Non-BCS Conference teams, more specifically Boise State and Utah are just getting better and better. Yes, Boise State lost to TCU in their bowl game, but they fought hard throughout the game. Utah destroyed Pittsburgh a few years ago 35-7 in a bowl game. Yes, I do remember what happened to Hawaii last year against Georgia. It happens and will happen again. Hawaii doesn't have as much talent as Boise State and Utah. Utah has now beaten the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl 31-17.

Utah got off to an excellent start. They just attacked the Crimson Tide in the first quarter scoring three touchdowns. The Utes never looked back in that game. Brian Johnson just picked them apart. On the first possession of the game, Utah went with no-huddle and the Alabama defense looked like fish out of water, confused, and befuddled. Johnson throws a touchdown while the defense was not lined. After the John Parker Wilson interception, Utah's QB marched his team down the field in three plays with the third play being a touchdown run by Matt Asiata in the Wildcat formation. After Utes defense stopped the Crimson Tide on offense again, Johnson moves his team down the field and throws a TD pass to Braden Godfrey. The pass was perfect as it was on the back shoulder of the wide receiver while the defender had his back turned. The Crimson Tide offered zero resistance on either of those drives. The Utes offense answer the bell whenever the Crimson Tide scored. Johnson had a nice statline of 27/41 336 yards with three touchdowns and zero picks. That is efficient folks. Johnson was throwing the football in tight spots especially when the opposition played zone. He has a strong accurate arm and good wheels. He also makes good decisions with the football. I like him as an NFL prospect. The Utes even toyed with the Crimson Tide by running a hook and lateral for a first down in the fourth quarter.

Defensively, the Utes attacked the Crimson Tide from the word "go." They blitzed John Parker Wilson with every chance they had, bring two or three at a time. This group also forced three turnovers, putting their offense in good position to score a touchdown or field goal. Going into this game, many thought Alabama's offensive line had a chance to dominate as they were much larger than the Utes defensively. Well, the speed and quickness of the Utes gave Nick Saban's team fits. The defense had eight sacks, too, lead by Paul Kruger. If he wasn't sacking the QB, he was knocking John Parker Wilson down. He has a variety moves such a bull rush, swim move, and spinning left or right. P. Kruger lived in the backfield. Another impact player was Kenape Eliapo. He was P. Kruger's roommate in the backfield. At one point in the first half, Eliapo knocked Alabama's All-American center Antoine Caldwell five yards in the backfield. Eliapo just completely blew Caldwell out of his stance. Eliapo has some good hands and has good pad level which helps him generate power.

The Crimson Tide had a long day on both sides of the ball. They were shell-shocked in the first quarter and couldn't recover. They played well in second and third quarters, at least defensively. Offensively, they were terrible. Bad execution, inopportune penalties, and lack of concentration ended their drives throughout the game. They looked sluggish on that football field on both sides of the ball. The defense couldn't tackle, while the offense couldn't pass block. John Parker Wilson was probably on his back everytime he dropped back to pass.

Alabama should be back next year in the top 10 as they've had a good recruiting class. Utah Utes were more prepared to play and compete than the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. The Utes dominated and Crimson Tide folded up their tent. Good luck next year!

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