Friday, January 16, 2009

Bobcats & Mavs Make a Trade

The Dallas Mavericks traded DeSagana Diop to the Bobcats for Matt Carroll and Ryan Hollins. Diop gives the Bobcats another big which they sorely need. The Bobcats get a good defender in Diop. Diop is pretty average offensively. He could probably hit a 15 footer once every blue moon. Diop and Emeka Okafor could be a potent 1-2 punch for the Bobcats on the defensive end. The trade allows Okafor to move to his more natural position as a power forward. The trade also make the Bobcats a little deeper at that position as Brown will probably go with Juwan Howard and Nazr Mohammed off the bench for substitution purposes. One could say that Adam Morrison's play probably made Matt Carroll expendable. Both players are similar, though Matt Carroll shoots a better percentage than Morrison. Each player is all offense and no defense. Why not trade one for a needed big?

The Mavericks finally get their shooting guard that they have been needing for a while. Matt Carroll can shoot the cover off the ball but their defense will suffer. The Mavs need his shooting to spread the floor for Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd. Gerald Green and Antoine Wright haven't been playing consistent enough for the Mavs, though Wright's defense has been as advertised. Trading Diop has left the Mavs without a back up big for Erick Dampier. Brandon Bass is too small to be playing center. Ryan Hollins will present no resistance at the defensive end. I think they'll pick up another big at some point.

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