Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You're Fired!!!!

Update 4:00 pm mt:

Some other personnel have been kicked to the curb. Mike Shanahan and Mike Martz were also given the axe today. Mike Shanahan needed to get fired. He has been awful for awhile now. Luckily, the ownership have finally seen the light. God bless their hearts. Shanahan will surely land on his feet as there are numerous openings out there. His teams have been awful on defense and underperform on offense. He was not able to reign in Jay Cutler's gunslinging mentality. His drafts haven't worked out quite well (See Dre Bly). Mike Singletary fired his offensive coordinator, Mike Martz. Here is his reason:

"After an evaluation period I felt it was best to go in a different direction," Singletary, a Hall of Fame linebacker as a player, said in a statement issued by the team.

"This was not an easy decision because I appreciate Mike Martz, and I enjoyed working with him. He is a true professional, and I wish him the best in the future. I do recognize the need for a long-term solution on the offensive side of the ball."

Would the 49ers bring in Mike Shanahan as their offensive coordinator? Certainly possible, but I doubt that happens. Though Shanahan and Singletary would be fun to watch butt heads over decision-making.

Posted 10:45 am

Those are the words Vince McMahon has uttered on countless occasions. Whether he was firing a general manager from Raw or Smackdown!, the billionaire would say those words in the same tone or more angrily. Anyway, some folks lost their jobs yesterday. Now they know how I feel when being unemployed. Rod Marinelli, Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel, and Eric Mangini were all fired yesterday.

Lets start with Rod Marinelli who, along with pretty much his entire coaching staff, was fired by the Lions . I kinda feel bad for this man. His team as whole is talentless. That organization just doesn't have enough talent to compete in this league at the moment. The Lions can thank Matt Millen for his handy work on fielding that team. The players played hard for their coach every Sunday. That is all you can ask for at this point. The Lions can't get any worse and the next coach will probably have better success than Marinelli. There are many candidates available for the Lions head coaching position, but who would want that job? Do you think Bill Cowher will want to struggle for years to bring the Lions back to the playoffs? Probably not. The Lions will probably sign a young coordinator to become their head coach such as Steve Spagnuolo. For goodness sake, please stay away from this man.

Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel received the axe from the Cleveland Browns. Phil Savage probably deserved the axe more than Romeo Crennel. Phil Savage hasn't done much in the draft to build the Browns. A quarterback needs weapons to be effective unless he's Tom Brady. Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards are not going to cut it. You need more than that. Jamal Lewis is terrible. Find a franchise running back. Knowshon Moreno anyone? What about the defense? Browns need some cover corners and a host of other things depending on their defensive identity such as a pass rushing linebacker, or a linebacker that is not one dimensional. Will they be a 3-4 or 4-3 defense? Who is your starting quarterback next year? Speaking quarterbacks, that position is pretty much the reason why Crennel got the axe. Derek Anderson was ineffective before being injured. I always thought the league was starting to catch up with him at the end of last season. He didn't end that year the way he started. Brady Quinn didn't offer much of an upgrade except for less turnovers, then he got injured. Next up was Ken Dorsey. 'Nuff said. Crennel's team did beat the Giants who many thought were unbeatable at the time. He did have one winning season in his four years coaching the Cleveland Browns. I have no clue as to who would coach the Cleveland Browns. Maybe they'll re-hire Butch Davis. How about Leslie Frazier, the Vikings assistant head coach / defensive coordinator?

The Eric Mangenius is a genius no more. Good job, Brett Favre. Or was it Brett's fault? Hey, most of the teams around the league know what they are getting with Brett Favre. They're getting interceptions, more interceptions, and some miracle plays. How do you prevent some of these interceptions? Try running the football. T-r-y r-u-n-n-i-n-g t-h-e FOOTBALL!!! Thomas Jones and Leon Washington were having productive years and the offensive line seem to thrive when running the football, but sucked at keeping Favre upright. The Mangenius playcalling got worse as the season progressed. Passing the football on the down and distance when a run play should've been called and using trick plays at inopportune times. He just tried to do too much with what he had. Maybe the pressure got to him. With all of that said, Brett Favre got Magini fired. That sums it up nicely. Memo to the Jets upper management: Get rid of Laveranues Coles. He has been griping all season because his better half was released and ultimately signed with the Dolphins. Just release the jerky. The Jets upper management should also try getting a playmaking wide receiver or two. Hiring Bill Cowher and who ever the general manager he selects would do wonders for the Jets.

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